Business Portraits at Tesoro del Valle

I certainly had an awesome time capturing Gretell at her best!  I was more than happy to go to her home and utilize her lovely and spacious backyard (from her waterfall to the newly remodeled patio) as the perfect, relaxing and private setting.  I love taking on clients that are shy and thus somewhat nervous about having their portrait or headshots taken. This was the case with Gretell.  However, it was very pleasing to see how quickly she became comfortable in front of my lens; once I gave her a quick preview from my computer as I was tethering the session.  Doing so enabled Gretell to have a brief glimpse of her headshots during the early part of the session.  As a result, it was nice to see her smiling and having an enjoyable time with each outfit change.  Also, I had fun selecting different vantage points for her to pose in that would best convey her as both friendly and professional.

Gretell is a professional consultant for doTerra Essential Oils.  She takes great pride in her work and had been wanting to give her business a more personal touch by adding a professional headshot to her doTerra business content, such as her business card and her website!  She has such a warm gentle personality and is a great listener — perfect for her line of work!

Sometimes the modesty of a person can limit them from recognizing how beautiful they can truly be.  I believe that working with apprehensive subjects who may at times feel protective of how they may be captured through the lens, is the perfect opportunity for me to put their minds at ease.  For this reason, I feel very happy to have captured Gretell looking beautiful and comfortable expressing her friendly personality.  As a photographer, it was most uplifting to have had Gretell put her trust in me.  Indeed, I look forward to taking her family portraits in the near future!


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