Greene Family Portraits

There are indeed many good reasons that being a photographer brings fulfillment.  For me it is that repeated moment of pride when I see my clients canvases and prints ready to be displayed at their home.  It’s that realization that I have captured an heirloom that will be treasured for many of their families generations to enjoy.  It is also that moment when I see my clients eyes light up with pride and their faces over taken with smiles of gratitude and pure satisfaction, that reinforces my want to do my best in every aspect of the job!

Meeting with Cynthia and Kristopher at one of my business expo’s turned out to be truly pleasant.  When I met them at their home, they were instantly ready to discuss their ideas and needs in order to help me understand their expectations in creating their family portraits.  One of the highlights of our talk was being introduced to their handsome and polite five year old son.  He was very friendly  and in our talk, we discovered that I had previously photographed one of his classmates which made him feel very happy and ready to partake in the upcoming family portrait session of him and his parents with me.

The agreeable warm afternoon of November was perfect as we began our portrait session next to a small lake, where the sun’s rays seemed to dance freely upon the short waves created by a flow of wind that braced the top surface of the lake.  All the while, I posed the three of them to be backlit by the sun and use the tree branches to help in the framing of my images.  After feeling content that we had accomplished our mission by taking a variety of well executed story telling portraits and due to their awesome trust and poise as I shot away with my Canon camera, that we then gladly made our way to our second location of the day.

At The Iron Horse Trail, we were surprised to see many other families and their photographers sharing the space.  I knew then that I would have to execute these next images with even more precision than before, as I could feel the minutes pressing on.  Since I planned before hand that I would use a tripod to assure a constant framing of the bridge, I quickly prepared my equipment in a nonintrusive manner with the help of my two faithful assistants of the day, my husband and son!  Soon we were given a turn at the bridge and I gladly moved in my tripod and positioned it as best I could to eliminate the other people still slightly visible in the scene.  Once again, with the great cooperation of all three subjects, we were able to take advantage of the sunset light.

All in all, Cynthia and Kristopher are a very nice and cute couple and they are raising a good well behaved boy.  Their son has a nice personality and he was able to be serious and playful at the right times, just the absolute best subject of the day!  I had a very nice time with this family and surprised them at the end by offering to take a detail shot of their wedding rings.  The ring shot turned out great and agrees with the rustic look that they so much enjoy.  This was a great way to end our portrait session!

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