Melissa’s Outdoor Senior Portrait Session

Melissa and her mother were very enthusiastic as we discussed Melissa’s hobbies and interests while looking through her closet’s wardrobe. I had fun assisting her, selecting clothes that were of a certain color scheme, were of a closely tailored fit and were suited to flatter her playful side. In doing so, I was able to help her feel more comfortable by having her wear clothes that would pop in color and compliment her during her high school senior outdoor portrait session.  Moreover, there was no added need for them to shop for new outfits. These clothes would also help convey Melissa’s fun, outgoing and individual personality – something that was very important to us as we planned her photo session. Although Melissa is more of an outdoorsy type, her loving mother Gloria was looking forward to having me photograph her daughter’s rarely seen but truly glamorous style.

On the day of her portrait session, we headed out to San Buenaventura City Hall and walked its outdoor grounds. Working together, I was able to direct Melissa and pose her to showcase her unique green, with accented gold, beautiful prom dress! It was at times challenging due to sudden winds, that we managed to use to our advantage.  The result, as you can see are these elegant looking, yet bold and high fashion in-nature portraits.  Furthermore, City Hall was the perfect off-white color background needed to avoid any other green tones that would perhaps be reflected onto her if not otherwise avoided (For example, photographing in any grassy areas).

Next, at a nearby museum we continued the photo session featuring her holding her favorite camera, a Canon Rebel. Melissa enjoys taking portraits of her close friends which she then creatively manipulates in Photoshop to create some mysterious looking fine art works. I learned this about her because she was kind enough to trust me and shared some of her works during our pre-photography consultation meeting.

Soon after, we were off to play some more at Marina Park! More often than not, Melissa likes to venture outdoors on her skateboard. For this reason, it was a must that we included some portraits that highlighted her love interest for skateboarding. She also enjoys surfing while at the beach. In addition to surfing, Melissa is part of the Valencia Swim Team, which she has participated and competed in during her four years at Valencia High School!

It was certainly my pleasure to have her as my client and to be able to celebrate this important milestone in her young life through my photography.  I wish Melissa the best as she ventures into her college years. It has been great getting to know her and her sweet family.

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