Hayley’s Senior Portrait Session

Visualizing what type of portrait session best fits with the personality of my clients is what keeps my job as a photographer even more interesting.  It gives me pleasure to be able to suggest wardrobe that will help enhance the portrait for it’s specific background scene.  Having a pre-photography consultation with Hayley gave us both the opportunity to brainstorm together on things such as outdoor locations, color schemes, accessories, etc.

March was a nice time of year to visit Griffith Park. This historical location dates as far back as 1896 and has been a popular location for films, such as Rebel Without A Cause, Back to the Future and The Rocketeer, to name a few.  For this reason, Hayley and I were inspired to create some images that would have a bit of a nostalgic mood to them.  Hayley is a very talented young woman who has her heart set on becoming a future film director.  I know that she will be successful in this field!  Her love for film shows throughout these images as her different facial expressions embody a broad spectrum of personalities, all matching for the setting at hand. My undertaking in this photography session with Hayley was indeed very gratifying.  There is no doubt in my mind that Hayley carries herself as a professional even when she herself is the subject matter.  For example, her ability to stay in character as I depressed my camera’s shutter didn’t break, even when were both under the close curious observation of the common bypassing tourists that we encountered that day.

Although our visit to Griffith Park was a short and sweet one, we were able to end our session by taking advantage of the beautiful sunset, making for a perfect and successful evening.  I look forward to having the pleasure to photograph Hayley again in the near future.  I think that Hayley would quickly agree with me when saying that Griffith Park is a place with many attractions that undoubtedly leaves an itch for future exploration, as it offers a multitude of portrait taking opportunities.  But for now, as Hayley would say, “That’s a wrap!”

“Negativity is the enemy of creativity.” – David Lynch

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