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    Welcome to my website! I am a Special Events and Portrait Photographer. As a photographer I believe that photography is more than just capturing an image of what is in front of me; rather I see it as an opportunity to express feelings. I enjoy utilizing the camera as my tool with which to convey life’s emotions. I am so privileged to do what I love, capturing High School Seniors, Families,Children,Engagements, and Special Events. It is my pleasure that you have taken interest in my work and I hope you find what you are looking for. Don't forget to revisit often for sneak peeks...

Children Fantasy Portrait – “Alice”

Children love to play make-believe!  Their world is full of innocence and serious thoughts.  This October, I had the pleasure of doing an outdoor photo session of this lovely young girl “Alice”.  In knowing that I would be doing a child fantasy photo shoot, I put together a couple of props so that the images became a little more playful.  This young “Alice” was as curious as any “Alice” should be!  What would our world be without the innocence of pure curiosity?

It is through curiosity that we discover and innovate new things… ~ Connie Gudino


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Baby Ella

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Elena and Jason for welcoming me into their home and entrusting me to capture these heart warming images of their beautiful baby daughter Ella.

As with all my photo shoot sessions, I went prepared with a few pre-planned ideas.  For example, the red satin pillow to give the images a royal look.  However, as I learned a little more in detail about Ella’s birth story I immediately took focus of their wall clock.  With permission, I took it down and placed it in the background and changed the clock’s hands to mark Ella’s birth hour.  I wanted some form of numbers to represent that special moment in time.  But, what I liked most about the clock is that it also has the numbers 8, 9, 10 at an angle to direct some emphasis on them, too.  My goal here was to create an image to better help tell Ella’s birthday: 8/9/10.  (That’s not to say that this image without it, would not be as precious a moment; because babies are precious all on their own.)

My goal as a photographer was to create and capture an image that would later in life bring back that special feeling of being wrapped with unconditional love with the arrival of their daughter Ella.

– The gift of life is fragile and yet strong and it can only grow stronger with unconditional love. ~ Connie Gudino

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Going on a Bear Hunt…

As many of you may already know, my heart melts for all children and I can assure you that no one child is alike.

In my experience with photographing children is that you have a 15 minute span time to get them to first to trust you, get their interest, and finally grab their focus so you can capture their action and reactions to your directions.  As preschool teachers, we teach through play.  So, I have learned to apply these skills in my photo sessions with children.  A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Nolan.  He is a former preschool student of mine and he has grown to be very dear to my heart.

Nolan, is a very assertive little boy with a big heart.  He takes direction well so it was easy for us to have a fun time during the photo shoot session.  After our “Bear Hunt”, Nolan, his parents and I had a wonderful picnic and watched the sunset that evening.  I felt very special when Nolan let me know that he really liked the sandwich and grapes that I had prepared for the picnic part of the photo session.  I later learned through his mom that he enjoyed the photo session so much that he could not stop talking about it and had taken on a new photography project of his own and was now applying “laying down” when taking his new pictures.

Here is a fun page I put together of the “Bear Hunt” of that evening…

– Let’s not forget that we were once children ourselves.  Play, laugh and get dirty. ~ Connie Gudino

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Aspiring Musician and Songwriter

What a better way to soak up the sun than with a family project of which entailed a new video production…

When Steven presented me with his new song, I wanted to be able to share it with my friends and family.  So, I couldn’t help but reach into my bag of creativity and began the process of creating a video of what is now one of our family treasures.

The beach is one of our favorite places to go for family outings during the summer.  Although, it took some work to develop, we had a blast in creating the video. I’d like to thank Jorge and Steven for allowing me to produce and direct this video.

– Music is like verbal imagery. ~ Connie Gudino

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Celebrate Life Fashion Show

This month I was invited to be part of the “Mother-Daughter Makeovers” hosted by Shannon Hair Salon, I couldn’t help but feel honored to help photograph the charity event “Celebrate Life Fashion Show” sponsored by J. Serraino. During the charity event a silent auction was held and all proceeds were donated to the Michael Hoefflin Foundation.

It was amazing capturing the pride and joy that was displayed this past Saturday both on the runway and behind the scenes. I began my shoot at noon, full of excitement and I am proud to say that my energy level remained steady, all due to the invigorating production that filled the salon in preparation for the runway.

Here are a few images of these beautiful people…

– Because we are all beautiful people on the inside, we are able to radiate love on the outside with a simple smile. ~ Connie Gudino

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