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    Welcome to my website! I am a Special Events and Portrait Photographer. As a photographer I believe that photography is more than just capturing an image of what is in front of me; rather I see it as an opportunity to express feelings. I enjoy utilizing the camera as my tool with which to convey life’s emotions. I am so privileged to do what I love, capturing High School Seniors, Families,Children,Engagements, and Special Events. It is my pleasure that you have taken interest in my work and I hope you find what you are looking for. Don't forget to revisit often for sneak peeks...

Mis Quince Portrait Session

This “Pasadena Cultural Heritage Landmark” was the perfect spot to take advantage of the early morning sunlight during my “Mis Quince” Portrait Session with Paulina.  Since before its beautifully done renovation in 2007, Pasadena City Hall has been a place of choice to capture portraits that include hints of this 1927 landmark and its gorgeous architecture.

Paulina is a beautiful and smart young lady and it has been my pleasure to get to know her.  We began our shoot walking about the great open space that invited the sunlight throughout its surroundings. For example, the outdoor Spanish Colonial atmospheric hallways helped to create depth and patterns behind my subject (Paulina). In addition, in the courtyard, using the sun behind Paulina enabled me to project a  “hair light”. The sun added a glowing rim behind her rich black hair that brought out the soft texture of it.  As my fill light, I used a silver reflector to bounce back light onto her face and avoided having her face under exposed. Also, the reflector helped with adding a catch light to her eyes and thus it accentuated Paulina’s sweet smile.

All in all, it was my pleasure spending time with Paulina while capturing these precious images. As you can see, she is a beautiful young lady with a sweet smile. We had a good time and I am looking forward to this May, as I will have the honor of photographing her special Quienceanera celebration!

Patricia - Beautiful pictures throughout the website. Love the way Connie captures the beauty of innocence in this young lady. The location looks stunning in the pictures.

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Edgy Stylistic Studio Portraits

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From The Eyes Of A True Optimist

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Brianda.  She was very excited to have her headshots taken.  As with all my photo sessions I had the opportunity to converse a little and learn about the subjects unique personality.  Brianda became comfortable quite quickly in front of my lens and that is key to being able to bring out the best vivid moods of the subject.  She shared with me all about her current goals.  For instance, how she is majoring in Kinesiology and Physiology.  Although, she is a full time student, Brianda makes time for some good outdoor fun like hiking, running and snowboarding and of course any extreme sports she can participate in.  This helps her fulfill her drive in seeking adventure, engaging and exploring new things.  In addition, she also has a very caring side to her.   She enjoys using her spare time volunteering for the organization SGI-USA.  She explained to me that this organization is dedicated to helping in the setting up of special events for the community center and ensuring it’s success.  I wish her the best in her new adventure in the modeling world and as she best puts it “hopes to make it big!”

“True optimism is based on unweavering conviction in our innate human potential.” – Daisku Ikeda

Lynn - Hi Connie,
We meet in the experimental photography class. I just thought I would tell you how amazing your photos are!! I love your portraits. The lighting is beautiful! I wish you all the best.

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