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    Welcome to my website! I am a Special Events and Portrait Photographer. As a photographer I believe that photography is more than just capturing an image of what is in front of me; rather I see it as an opportunity to express feelings. I enjoy utilizing the camera as my tool with which to convey life’s emotions. I am so privileged to do what I love, capturing High School Seniors, Families,Children,Engagements, and Special Events. It is my pleasure that you have taken interest in my work and I hope you find what you are looking for. Don't forget to revisit often for sneak peeks...

Mendoza Family Portraits at Tesoro del Valle

There is nothing nicer and more exciting than being commissioned to be part of a home remodeling project, where it also entails the art of photography too! This was the case with Abegail and Harold Mendoza and their two boys. Abegail and Harold had planned the remodeling with such loving detail that they knew that the perfect finishing touches would include their updated family portraits.

Whenever I do an outdoor portrait session, I make sure to scout the location the day before. I do so to eye the best spots and test how the light hits those areas at a certain time of day to create what I believe will be interesting portraits. Another reason I like to scout it is so that I can have a mental outline of the best path to take and insure the smooth transitioning from spot to spot, especially when young children are part of the session.

We began our session at the Historical Adobe Park, in the community of Tesoro del Valle. It was the perfect setting because it was a fun place where the boys often like to visit while on family walks. After, we made our way over to the spacious outdoor community recreation clubhouse. The clubhouse overlooks the most peaceful outdoor man-made lake surrounded by trees. Of course we had all previously agreed that we wouldn’t bypass such a gorgeous place! The lake scene truly completed the session by providing a variation to their family portraits that are now lovingly in full display over the Mendoza’s fireplace; and will be for a couple of years before they update their wall art again. It was great getting to know them and can honestly say that I am truly honored to be their family photographer.

fredesvinda M. de Asis - Nice pictures 🙂 I love them!!

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Kelsey’s Senior Portraits

One of the best ways to share and celebrate a senior’s milestone is through a unique senior portraits session that showcases a part of one’s personality!  Surrounded by a special place, or perhaps special things, that brings us joy, we celebrate our hard work and achievements.  Indeed, it’s a bittersweet feeling that unavoidably sets in; one is just about to embark on a new journey.  The air feels fresh and filled with excitement!  Its so prominent a moment in a young person’s life that we desire the ability to look back on it fondly. Creating exclusive portraits is a way to speak about oneself and makes it an excellent way to mark this occasion.

So agreeable was this day full of sunshine and fresh air, that it made for a perfect relaxing walk about the City of San Buenaventura.  Kelsey has a very engaging and easy going personality, permitting for us to quickly move about from site to site and I was clearly able to capture her most sincere expressions that instantly bring a smile to ones face. In ending our walk, we made our way to the beach.  We spent sometime near the oceanside edges admiring the sun setting ever so poetically as it sired an ideal sunset backdrop that can now be admired forever!

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The Fine Line – Band Photoshoot

One of my most celebrated passions is being able to photograph people/places while they are still new, so as to be able to look back on the photos in the future and reminisce on how much time has passed and how much those people/places have grown. This was my pleasure when taking photos of a local up-and-coming band, The Fine Line. The band, whose members met years ago through friendship and simple love of music, gives off a presence of youthfulness and energy that has the ability to brighten one’s mood. This made taking photos an extremely pleasant experience for the band and I, and one that I would gladly share again.

The band formed in the summer of 2013 when the members began to meet and play songs that they shared common interest in. Eventually, band practices became a regular part of their schedule, and with their first live performance at a small party in the Santa Clarita area the formation of the band was complete. The band is made up of four high school students who attend school in Santa Clarita: Steven who sings lead vocals and plays lead/rhythm guitar, Andy who sings backup vocals and plays lead guitar, Tyler who plays Bass, and Josh who plays drums. These four were united by the passion of artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. However, their eclectic music style extends farther than the roots of Classic Rock as they cover artists such as Blink-182, The Clash, Weezer, and Panic! At The Disco.

I had an amazing time photographing these fine, talented young men who have a bright future ahead of them. I look forward to looking at these photos several years from now to remember the beginnings of this wonderful music group, and I hope that they will do the same.

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