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    Welcome to my website! I am a Special Events and Portrait Photographer. As a photographer I believe that photography is more than just capturing an image of what is in front of me; rather I see it as an opportunity to express feelings. I enjoy utilizing the camera as my tool with which to convey life’s emotions. I am so privileged to do what I love, capturing High School Seniors, Families,Children,Engagements, and Special Events. It is my pleasure that you have taken interest in my work and I hope you find what you are looking for. Don't forget to revisit often for sneak peeks...

Steven & Hayley’s Senior Prom 2016 Portraits!

One of the most anticipated events of a high school senior, besides graduation, is their senior prom. I had the pleasure of being able to photograph Steven and Hayley on a beautiful Spring Saturday afternoon.
As per custom, they had the most fun placing their corsage and boutonniere before heading out to the prom at her front door. They were so excited for the night’s event and were so happy that their smiles showed their sheer delight. These two shined their stellar style as they walked at the West Ranch promenade before heading out to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, at the Air Force One Pavilion.

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Hayley’s Senior Portrait Session

Visualizing what type of portrait session best fits with the personality of my clients is what keeps my job as a photographer even more interesting.  It gives me pleasure to be able to suggest wardrobe that will help enhance the portrait for it’s specific background scene.  Having a pre-photography consultation with Hayley gave us both the opportunity to brainstorm together on things such as outdoor locations, color schemes, accessories, etc.

March was a nice time of year to visit Griffith Park. This historical location dates as far back as 1896 and has been a popular location for films, such as Rebel Without A Cause, Back to the Future and The Rocketeer, to name a few.  For this reason, Hayley and I were inspired to create some images that would have a bit of a nostalgic mood to them.  Hayley is a very talented young woman who has her heart set on becoming a future film director.  I know that she will be successful in this field!  Her love for film shows throughout these images as her different facial expressions embody a broad spectrum of personalities, all matching for the setting at hand. My undertaking in this photography session with Hayley was indeed very gratifying.  There is no doubt in my mind that Hayley carries herself as a professional even when she herself is the subject matter.  For example, her ability to stay in character as I depressed my camera’s shutter didn’t break, even when were both under the close curious observation of the common bypassing tourists that we encountered that day.

Although our visit to Griffith Park was a short and sweet one, we were able to end our session by taking advantage of the beautiful sunset, making for a perfect and successful evening.  I look forward to having the pleasure to photograph Hayley again in the near future.  I think that Hayley would quickly agree with me when saying that Griffith Park is a place with many attractions that undoubtedly leaves an itch for future exploration, as it offers a multitude of portrait taking opportunities.  But for now, as Hayley would say, “That’s a wrap!”

“Negativity is the enemy of creativity.” – David Lynch

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Melissa’s Outdoor Senior Portrait Session

Melissa and her mother were very enthusiastic as we discussed Melissa’s hobbies and interests while looking through her closet’s wardrobe. I had fun assisting her, selecting clothes that were of a certain color scheme, were of a closely tailored fit and were suited to flatter her playful side. In doing so, I was able to help her feel more comfortable by having her wear clothes that would pop in color and compliment her during her high school senior outdoor portrait session.  Moreover, there was no added need for them to shop for new outfits. These clothes would also help convey Melissa’s fun, outgoing and individual personality – something that was very important to us as we planned her photo session. Although Melissa is more of an outdoorsy type, her loving mother Gloria was looking forward to having me photograph her daughter’s rarely seen but truly glamorous style.

On the day of her portrait session, we headed out to San Buenaventura City Hall and walked its outdoor grounds. Working together, I was able to direct Melissa and pose her to showcase her unique green, with accented gold, beautiful prom dress! It was at times challenging due to sudden winds, that we managed to use to our advantage.  The result, as you can see are these elegant looking, yet bold and high fashion in-nature portraits.  Furthermore, City Hall was the perfect off-white color background needed to avoid any other green tones that would perhaps be reflected onto her if not otherwise avoided (For example, photographing in any grassy areas).

Next, at a nearby museum we continued the photo session featuring her holding her favorite camera, a Canon Rebel. Melissa enjoys taking portraits of her close friends which she then creatively manipulates in Photoshop to create some mysterious looking fine art works. I learned this about her because she was kind enough to trust me and shared some of her works during our pre-photography consultation meeting.

Soon after, we were off to play some more at Marina Park! More often than not, Melissa likes to venture outdoors on her skateboard. For this reason, it was a must that we included some portraits that highlighted her love interest for skateboarding. She also enjoys surfing while at the beach. In addition to surfing, Melissa is part of the Valencia Swim Team, which she has participated and competed in during her four years at Valencia High School!

It was certainly my pleasure to have her as my client and to be able to celebrate this important milestone in her young life through my photography.  I wish Melissa the best as she ventures into her college years. It has been great getting to know her and her sweet family.

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Steven’s High School Senior Portraits at The Walt Disney Concert Hall and Music Center

The Walt Disney Concert Hall’s outdoor exterior has been an eye stopper for anyone who has ever had the chance to stand in front of its marvelous reflective architecture. Its mirror-like surface produces aesthetically pleasing reflections when taken at the right angle of view. It’s easy to gravitate to the entire outside grounds as it offers advantageous opportunities for portraitures. This proved to be so while taking a few shots of Steven for his high school senior portraits that showcased him with his guitars. After, we also visited the Music Center and was equally pleased with the outcome of his portraits and my use of sunset lighting to enhance its background with some bokeh, etc.

It is with happiness and pride that I share how blessed I felt to have had the chance to create these portraits of my son Steven. Moreover, I knew that his high school senior year was going to be essential to creatively document.  After all, it is during this milestone where he had to make many important decisions. Among them was deciding on a college that would best support his major and career goals. Also, including some of these portraits in his graduation announcements was just one more way to celebrate all his hard work and accomplishments!

Steven began playing the guitar at the age of nine. He was inspired by the music of the Beatles. Later, in his teenage years, he took interest in Jazz, specifically to Bill Evans, Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius (he has written a piece in his honor). Steven has always put heart and soul into everything he thrives to accomplish. I know that for him to see himself at the end of his high school Senior year would be a bittersweet moment. He gave a very heartfelt commencement speech for the class of 2016, close friends, staff and parents at the Academy of the Canyons Middle College High School Graduation! Steven received his High School Diploma as well as an A.A. Degree in Music Composition and an A.A. in Jazz Performance. I want to wish him the best as he continues his journey at Chapman University where he will be double majoring in a B.M. Music Composition and in a B.M. Guitar Performance at the Hall-Musco Conservatory at Chapman University. We are very proud that he has earned himself a Presidential Scholarship at Chapman University and aspires to one day compose for acclaimed Chamber & Orchestral Ensembles across the world, as well as music for television and film. In addition, Steven aspires to one day head a Composition department at a major conservatory or four-year university. However, he is not all studies-his other interests include collecting vinyl records, shooting film photography and songwriting.

It is with great gratitude that both his father and I congratulate Steven for being the studious young man he has become. May his dedication to his craft bring him many more blessings and joyful experiences, as he begins his journey into adulthood. He is our pride and joy and we love him beyond words.


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Gabbie’s Graduate Portraits

Gabbie’s Graduate Portrait Session was a very cool one! The beautiful outdoor grounds of Caltech made it that much more exciting of a portrait session for the both of us. Whenever possible I love to include architecture in the portraits that I shoot. Having interesting backgrounds enriches the portraits and turns them into portraits that can be used as wall art for my clients. Being careful of where to place your subject into the background can become a bit challenging. Among other things, I must make sure that all the needed details of the subject’s wardrobe are in the right angle when depressing my camera’s shutter. Nevertheless, it’s all that, that makes photographing outdoors an exciting time! I am very happy that I was able to deliver these images of Gabbie that tell a bit of her sweet and energetic personality.

Below is a quote from one of the conversations we shared as we walked from spot to spot. I asked Gabbie, “What attracted you into earning a Bachelors Of Science in Biology?”. I found her answer to be very sincere for it spoke about her motivation and interest in the field of sciences. I want to share it because it tells more about Gabbie than what I was able to capture of her personality; she is not only a beautiful person on the outside, but she is equally as beautiful on the inside.

“I chose to study Biology because I have always been curious about forensic science, ever since I witnessed someone get wrongly accused of a serious act they didn’t commit. As a child I remember being very outspoken and somehow as a young adult I became somewhat shy. As an adult, I wasn’t liking that about myself, so I decided in order to change that about me I would study forensic science and enter into an arena where being outspoken would serve a good purpose. I like seeking out the truth while remaining unbiased and helping others.” ~ Gabbie

Gabriela Castillo - It was so much fun working with you Connie. I love how you pay attention to every little detail and make sure you get the perfect shot. You were great at guiding me through the poses and helped my feel natural in front of the camera. You are definitely talented and captured this wonderful moment in my life with perfection. I’m looking forward to booking with you again for our next photoshoot at the beach!

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