Baby Ella

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Elena and Jason for welcoming me into their home and entrusting me to capture these heart warming images of their beautiful baby daughter Ella.

As with all my photo shoot sessions, I went prepared with a few pre-planned ideas.  For example, the red satin pillow to give the images a royal look.  However, as I learned a little more in detail about Ella’s birth story I immediately took focus of their wall clock.  With permission, I took it down and placed it in the background and changed the clock’s hands to mark Ella’s birth hour.  I wanted some form of numbers to represent that special moment in time.  But, what I liked most about the clock is that it also has the numbers 8, 9, 10 at an angle to direct some emphasis on them, too.  My goal here was to create an image to better help tell Ella’s birthday: 8/9/10.  (That’s not to say that this image without it, would not be as precious a moment; because babies are precious all on their own.)

My goal as a photographer was to create and capture an image that would later in life bring back that special feeling of being wrapped with unconditional love with the arrival of their daughter Ella.

– The gift of life is fragile and yet strong and it can only grow stronger with unconditional love. ~ Connie Gudino

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